Saturday, April 9, 2011

A walk along the river

This walk was like a retreat, searching for good signs of that the winter is leaving and that the spring also has something for me to appreciate. 

Like the birds singing

the rippling water

block of ice flowing like islands
on the river

the sunbeams glittering
on the dark blue water

and finally 

the discovery of the
first little green plant in my garden


Jillsy Girl said...

Yeah! You figured out your sizing problem!

Isn't it exciting to see the very first sign of Spring! I also notice that the birds even get excited!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Lovely Ella.
Is this a church near your home?

patty said...

Beautiful, Ella! It must be so thrilling to see the signs of spring after a long, deep winter!

Barbara said...

It's not quite as icy here in NE U.S. but spring is taking it's own sweet time this year. This is why I love the change of seasons. If we didn't have winter, how could we appreciate spring?
Lovely photos Ella!

Ella said...

Yes, the spring takes big steps every day now. You can almost see how the snow vanish and disappear during a day.

Jill, this church is only ten minutes walk from my house.