Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bart, Annie and Tom Meehan

I've previously written about my involvement in some musicals. The inspiration to write about this I got from my favorite blogger Bart Boehlert with his blog Bart Boehlert’s Beautiful Things. He described a visit to the musical A Little Night Music at Brodway. When I read this post, I took courage and wrote an email to Bart because I earlier wrote a comment on his blog. I wanted to explain to him that I don’t have English as my native language so I asked him to be lenient if I spell wrong or use the wrong word. In this letter I also wrote about my little experience with musicals. I waited tensely. But I got an answer and it also contained a big surprise. It turned out that Bart was familiar with the writer of the musical Annie, Tom Meehan!

I picked up the program again and when I looked properly I saw his name. But on the theater program that I saved was the name Th. Meehan on the front. When I googled for Tom Meehan, I realized that Th meant Thomas. I also read that he wrote The Producers and Hairspray. Isn’t that fantastic!

These pics are not from Brodway, but I think you can guess who the role characters are.

"The sun will come out, tomorrow.." Isn't that a very recent text that also fits today.

This was one of my favorite scenes, when Miss Hannigan curtsied for President Roosevelt.



Jill said...

One of my FAVORITE shows!! I took my little girls to see this off-broadway and they love the music so much I think they know every word by memory!
What fun.

Ella said...

Hi Jill,

Thanks for your comment! As you see you're the very first and I can't tell you how glad I am. I jumped up and yelled when I saw it and my family thought I had become crazy..


Nelle Somerville said...

I'm just finding your blog after your few comments on Stone Hill Farm. I was lucky enough to meet Thomas Meehan in New York City and his darling wife a few years ago. They are adorable. He also did the screenplay for Crybaby that didn't last long on Broadway but takes place in Baltimore. I went to the cast party for Crybaby. I was having a martini and just struck up conversation with this nice man. Someone then looked at me and said, "you know who that is don't you?" I didn't. But it was Th. Meehan!!! Very fun to remember this fun night through your post. Do tell me how your goat cheese and chicken dish turns out. So happy to inspire you to cook!!! All the best,