Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dishes for all tastes

I had planed to take my bike to work now after the holiday but there has been so much raining so the bike has been left at home.... But I could finally make it on Friday morning! When I went home in the afternoon I passed foot bridge that has been inaugurated this week. It is very beautiful and I read a sweet story in the newspaper about an old lady that was so happy because now she could go and visit her friends much easier. 

We have a food festival in our town this weekend so when I got closer with my bike I could feel all kind of fragrances. There's all kind of food from  different parts of the world. I visited the farmers market when I waited for the family to join me. 

When they came we beguine with a look around and study all the tent servings which are placed around a very big tent with tables and benches. After that we split up and everyone in the family bought different dishes. Other years we have been gathering in the tent. But this Friday afternoon was so very popular, the tent was crowded and filled with people in all ages so we sat on the grass in the park. Last year I ate Ethiophian food as I spent four weeks in that country during my education and that brings so many memories back.

Deep-fried Camembert with cloudberry jam.

It has become a tradition for us to have this dessert after the dinner, but we are usually so replete so we share one.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I like solving crosswords. My best way to relax before sleeping is to take my crossword to bed and try to figure out some more words. Sometimes I have to use a whole week to get ready and sometimes I'm faster, but every Saturday I'll get a new one in our daily newspaper. I love the crosswords as they don't start so many thoughts like a book can do, especially the exciting ones.

When I finally can't hold the pencil and the eyelids get to heavy, it's time to turn of the light and say good  night....

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Our dinner table was filled with these small red creatures today. Unfortunately we haven't been fishing them ourselves, they are imported from Spain. We have a tradition in Sweden with Crayfish party but we just had a cozy dinner with our children. With many activities going on in the family all the time I think that all of us appreciate the time when we're gathered around the table. Dinner is so much more than just eating and now when the children are older the conversations reach another level.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The missing dog

This cute old lady has spent some weeks with our family, but yesterday it was the end of her Holiday for this time. It feels very empty, but now when we have started to work again there won't be enough of time to take care of a dog. She was a perfect company when I was out walking. Ithink we were a funny couple last week along the river. She stopped to sniff for something and I had to wait sometimes a bit irritated. But than I saw some red delicious raspberries I just had to get (eat) - and than she had to wait! and wonder:
- What are you doing now?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guess what this is?

Guess what this is, before you continue to read! 

I've written before about my fascination with old barns and I love the brown and grey color they get. When we built our smaller cottage for the teenagers (they were younger when we started) and guests that are visiting us, we built it with timber. That project took some years so the timber became natural grey and we have only painted the wind panels and window frames blue.  On the porch we also have some furnitures that have transformed to grey because we have been too lazy, but I think they could need some kind of protection to live longer. 


Three years ago we built a new outhouse as we don't have the facilities as water closet.... But we wanted that it should blend in the other buildings even if it had panel and not timber. So we decided to use  copperas (iron sulfate) which is a way to get the wood look older. We had planed to paint it the first summer but things came between..... So the wood have started to became grey by itself.

But this summer we finally became chemists and mixed the products and finally painted the walls. Times will make the wood grayer but If you look carefully you can see a little difference already.


The chemistry mix on the first photo:

white- iron sulfate
blue - copper sulfate
brown - silver stain

Friday, August 5, 2011

From old fashioned to Old Fashion

Back home and enjoying my last week of vacation which means  I'm back on the morning walks along the river. But with one new thing! When I get thirsty I reach out my hand and grab some raspberries. It's been a wonderful summer wherever we have been but now it's all right to be back home. I even appreciate our dishwasher after weeks with the old fashion way.... 

Talking about Old Fashion.......Another thing I don't miss when I don't have it is the TV and DVD, but now when I'm back in civilization I finally bought the whole DVD collection with The house of Eliott 

I loved the story, the dresses, the actors the environments. I haven't been disappointed so far and I appreciate (after weeks with sun and bath) that the weather (cold and rainy!) this weekend is perfect for some indoor activities like cleaning..... and watching films.....

I wish you a wonderful weekend whatever your plans are!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Children and animals

The Holiday doesn't always means trips to other places far away to get experiences. Sometimes it just means "doing other things" where you use to be. Me and my youngest asked our friends, who are farmers,  if we could visit them during "milk time". We both fell in love in this three days calf. At first she was a little bit shy, but after my daughter had given her milk with a bottle they became real buddies. As we don't have any animals in our family, I'm glad that my children are so fond of them. They want us to have a dog but I think that we are away from home to long when we work.

But when my brother asked if we would like to borrow their dog for some summer weeks we thought that was a very good idea. So sweet little Molly is on her holiday with us now, at the lake house and she loves children and water. I don't know if I have told you that my kids also like fishes but...

 that contact hopefully ends up like this...... perches "smoked" with juniper bush,  I can tell you that it was very tasty!