Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Creative skiers

We have a time right now when we're waiting for the first snow to come. But the last week have been quite warm with temperatures about 10° C which is a relief for some while others long for snow instead of rain.  This pile of snow is very local....  but I have seen kids playing around in it and throwing snowballs. If you have been visiting a hockey arena, maybe you understand that the snow is made when the ice vehicle prepare the ice. The most interesting and impressive things I've seen when I'm here is youngsters with shovels and oversized clothes. They are building ramps and go with their skis and doing different kind of jumps.

It was grey and a little bit rainy when I took this photo and the snow was very dirty. But  when my daughter  was on ice with her team I had a chance to leave the civilization for a moment and get out in the forest and enjoy the green colors. I took some more photos of mosses and lichen and when I saw this tree I thought that it was like graffiti made of the nature itself. 


JMW said...

I like your description of "nature's graffiti." Soon the snowy weather will be upon us (it already hit the northestern portion of the U.S. in October, which is a bit too early). :)

Ms. Becky said...

we had snow showers here yesterday - our first snow of the season and I was delighted. it didn't stay on the ground, but there will be more. I love nature's graffiti on the tree. what a great find. it's great for us when you escape civilization Ella! happy weekend to you. hope you get snow soon!