Monday, June 6, 2011

My flag

It's Monday today, but not an ordinary one. Today is our national day, but if you excuse me, that isn't the special thing about this day. When I was younger we only called this day the Swedish Flag's Day and that is what I still feel would be the right name. I am proud of my flag and my country, but there haven't been any war for freedom here or anything like that. One good thing with this day is that "we" welcome formally people who have got their Swedish citizenship during the year. But the most of us just have this day as a day of

and hopefully enjoy a wonderful weather and spend the time in the garden or visiting friends. I think that our National day never will be as big as the weekend in June when we celebrate Midsummer. But that's another story (post!).


Ms. Becky said...

your national flag has beautiful colors. you are blessed that there was no war for freedom. I love your photo of the dandelion seed head! and I'm very much looking forward to you post about Midsummer celebration! I hope you have a week filled with wonder and joy Ella.

Ella said...

Hi Ms Becky
I'm also glad that there haven't been any war here in modern time. But we have our national day because the king Gustav Vasa was crowned than and "the action" before that could happen wasn't very peaceful, but it was in 1523 so it's quite a long time ago.

Barbara said...

Pride of Country is something I wish for everyone on the planet. You have explained this beautifully Ella.